GOOD CLEAN FUN: The Audio and Visual Documents of THE MONKEES 1956-1970


Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE During their heyday as mega-successful television and pop music stars in the 1960s, THE MONKEES were often slagged off by critics as a pre-fabricated industry ‘product’ whose members possessed no special talents. But times have changed, and over 45 years later The Monkees have not only gained critical respectability, but have amassed a loyal following of fans and collectors who treasure every bit of Monkees audio and video that has surfaced over the years. Collecting this material is no easy task.

In GOOD CLEAN FUN, Scott Parker takes a look at the audio and visual materials documenting the early history of The Monkees, from the earliest TV work of Micky Dolenz in the 1950s series Circus Boy through to the first break-up of the group in 1970. The book is intended both as a tribute to one of the greatest and most enduring bands of the 1960s and beyond, and to the fans and collectors who adore them all these years later.


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