Confessions Of A ZAPPA Fanatic by H.T. Brown


Okay. You got me. I confess to be being a Zappafanatic for a very long time. At the time of this writing it will be forty-six years to be exact. Frank’s music has been one of the most important components in my life from the first time I heard Freak Out! in 1966, both musically and for steering me in the right direction politically and in a sense, socially. Though I’ll admit that I was heading down that soon-to-be ostracized path of resistance before the Zappa prodding incident, but Frank seemed to be there encouraging me to do so, which was a welcome relief. Thank you, Frank Zappa. 

I’ve been writing articles, along with conducting a few interviews about the man and his music for over twenty years. Some havebeen posted on several sites on the web that no longer exist, while others havebeen sent in private emails to friends.

You will not be regaled with the listing of endless concert dates, personnel and track listings, nor can I share intimate stories from our childhood together (it never happened). There will be no claims that I appeared on stage with the man,and I would be hard pressed to call him a friend. You will not find a chronological history of the Mothers of Invention nor intimate details of the many bands that followed. There will be no contextual analysis of anything. If you don’t know who Wild Man Fischer is, you should read any number of the other Zappa books to catch up. This book is for the hardcores who have already garnered all of theavailable information about Frank past and present, and don’t necessarily need to hear another version.

The stories found within are simply my personal reflections (or confessions if you prefer), of my adventures in and around the world of Zappa. And I have a few. Hope you enjoy them.


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