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Quotes I got hooked today Scott. Great book (and I'm motivated to order the color version also). What a mistake to have it shipped to my office, I had a hard time not picking it up and reading when I needed to be working. Good stuff. Highly recommended (and looks nice also). Quotes
John Scialli
The Recordings Of Frank Zappa Volume 4: The Hook

Quotes Got the Hook Christmas Eve. Very well put together ! Quotes
CA, Pennsylvania, USA
The Recordings Of Frank Zappa Volume 4: The Hook

Quotes Tons of information which I will be studying in the next weeks. Quotes
HP, Germany
The Recordings Of Frank Zappa Volume Four: The Hook

Quotes I love the way you outline all the live shows BTW -- even the C- ones -- your musical ear and education and respect for the great man really shines through. Now, I don't want to get too far ahead of your fantastic descriptions. I always listen first, then read your descriptions afterwards to compare observations. I'm continually amazed by the extra enjoyment you bring to hard core fanatics like myself. Quotes
Andy Sym, Sydney, Australia
The Recordings Of Frank Zappa series

Quotes A compendious account; without an equal. The end all resource on the aggregate of the Woodstock Festival. Well written by my friend, and forever a cherished addition to my library. Quotes
Walton Smith
Woodstock Documented